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Super high molecular weight polyethylene sheet super pressure resistance performance
From:admin Time:2018-7-27 22:48:31

The pressure resistance of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheets is related to impact resistance. The impact strength and its related molecules, the molecular weight is less than 2000000. With the increase of molecular weight, the impact strength increases by about 2000000, reaching a peak, then peak, The molecular weight and increased impact strength are reduced. This is due to the fact that the molecular chain is a very disturbing crystal lamp, a large molecule that absorbs large impact energy in the amorphous region. According to the literature, the measured values of the astm-d256 method of plastics such as impact strength ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheets are compared by comparison: the impact properties can be divided into ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheets comparable to impact polycarbonate at room temperature. Used in engineering plastics. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheets are ridiculous even at low temperatures, and even at liquid and gas temperatures - 269 oc, they can also have better impact resistance, and this good temperature characteristic makes ultra The application of high molecular weight polyethylene sheets to low temperature engineering.